New file releases for netBook

A new release of an OS.IMG file and a root filesystem for compactflash is now available for installing linux on the netBook. The filesystem is based on Debian "testing", codenamed "Sarge", hence the netBook with this system is known as "sargeBook". You can obtain these files from the sourceforge "file releases" for openpsion:

This system should be considered alpha, or even pre-alpha, quality. On at least one netBook the linux kernel suffers from occasional freezes. And the system is essentially a linux workstation - no user-friendly GUI control here. And we are still exploring suitable applications. And there is no power control; you can't turn the machine off, although you can reboot linux and turn the machine off before the linux kernel starts (at the netBook splash screen). See the HOWTO:
for (uptodate?) additional details.

X windows can be started with the command "startx", which will start X with touchscreen together with the WindowMaker window manager.

Many PCMCIA cards are supported (wireless, GPS, modem, serial cards), as is the HP PCMCIA VGA out card (the Colorgraphic Voyager works, but not very well).

Posted by Brian Dushaw 2004-11-14

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