2009/9/10 Vignesh <vignesh.uses.ubuntu@gmail.com>
I am entirely new to running linux on the Psion 5 mx, though I am quite
comfortable in the territory of Linux especially Ubuntu. I never thought
that it would even be possible to do so! OK, so a few questions about

1. Errr, the last update on the website was like 3 years ago. Is the
project still running? Because there is now Debian 5.03 aka Lenny. And I
think that it will still be possible to run it on ARM, though the
apparently they are going to stop porting to ARM. Would it still be
possible to run it under armel? Or do you guys need to especially
prepare it for the Psion 5 mx?

2. Is it possible for wifi to work under OpenPsion? I am pretty certain
that there are 16 bit PC wifi cards out there, and I am just curious if
they would work "Out of the Box" in OpenPsion.

As far as i'm aware you can't on a 5mx. Although Compact Flash wifi cards are available they are the wrong type (there's type 1 and type 2, can't remember which one the Psion supports but wifi cards are usually the other type) and I think they draw too much current. You can buy rs232 to wifi adaptors intended for enabling embedded rs232 equipment (things like cash registers or bar code scanners) with wifi. I don't see why one of these won't work on a Psion, but I'm not sure how small they are. You would also still only be limited to rs232 speeds.

I have used my mobile phone with my Psion (in EPOC, but I see no reason why it won't work in Linux) over infrared and serial and it worked fine. Any phone with IR support or a serial data cable should work. I've sucessfully used a Nokia 6230, 6280 (which supports 3g) and Siemens S25 and ME-45 phones. Unfortunately serial and IR support seems to be disappearing from modern phones in favour of bluetooth and USB.  Somebody did post a hack to use a bluetooth module with a Psion ages ago or you can now get serial bluetooth modules like these - http://www.active-robots.com/products/radio-solutions/bluetooth-serial.shtml