There was a lot of excitement about SavaJe at the time, the beta was out for a while for the netBook then inexplicably dropped in favour of other devices.  I seem to remember the main stumbling block was it's inability to shutdown (instant-off and instant-on) like the EPOC OS did.
I did ask them for help on the boot process as part of my bootbook (bookboot?) project but it all came to nothing.  I suppose they were tied by NDA's from Psion at the time.
Another wasted opportunity!

On 2 October 2010 00:22, David Given <> wrote:
While trying to hunt up an Epoc os.img for my Netbook, I came across a
rather interesting thing: a beta port of the now defunct SavaJe OS for
the Netbook. It's entirely Java based. It boots up fine, supports an
NE2000 network card and DHCP out of the box, and will let me web browse.
It may even support WEP wireless.

However it's rather flaky and excruciatingly slow. I don't know what JVM
they're using but they should get their money back. I looked a few
websites, but then took so long to load that I think the
battery went flat.

Unfortunately all the drivers are written in C and baked into the
os.img, so reverse engineering that pesky ASIC would be hard; but the OS
image is full of fascinating strings...

If anyone's interested, it's available right at the bottom of this page:

Download the zipfile (not the os.img, that doesn't work), unzip onto a
CF card with a FAT partition in slot 0, and boot.

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