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linsmith-0.9.4 released

While starting to look for the problems with the remote interface, I found a few other issues with the 'loads' part, which merited attention:

- Chart also updates when loads are added ot
- Infrequent bug detected in load management. Could
be the problem while importing from remote?
- Redefined (improved) quite a few routines in
the load.c file. This caused a few bugs (which I
hope, are resolved). Please report on any problems.

Posted by John Coppens 2006-04-06

linsmith-0.9.3 released

The user interface has been somewhat improved (component entry). Zo change now has immediate effect. Element selection buttons managed differently.
Next version (0.9.4) focus: Remote control debugging.

Posted by John Coppens 2006-03-30

Swedish and Italian translations

Swedish (thanks Peter Landgren) and Italian (thanks
Michele Petrecca) translations added.
If in a hurry, copy them to the po directory, and
edit the file in the root (add it and sv to the ALL_LINGUAS line.
The translations will 'officially' in the next release.


Posted by John Coppens 2005-12-02

linsmith-0.9.2 released

Version 0.9.1 had some problems with the connecting circles. These seem to have been resolved.
A few new translations have been added. (sv.po is available separately and will be updated in the next package)
Saving the results now actually works.

Posted by John Coppens 2005-11-12

linsmith-0.9.1 released

2005/10/17 v0.9.1
- Added filenames to the 'loads' and 'circuit' page, and an 'changed' flag to indicate the list has been modified.
- Added 'Save results page' option in the 'Files' menu, to save the numerical results
- Added a Swedish translation (Thanks to Peter Landgren peter.talken[at]!)

Posted by John Coppens 2005-10-29

linsmith-0.9.0a3 released

Minor improvements and a bugfix for parallel LC components

Posted by John Coppens 2005-05-16

linsmith-0.9.0a2 released

A number of minor improvements, some bugfixes.
There will probably be one more Alpha before the
'official' 0.9.0 release.

- Value text for Z/Y component wasn't initialized.
- On Lawrence's request, I changed the frequency
resolution to 3 decimals
- Update and New buttons were not activated
reliably - solved
- Main screen component editor showed uH, should
be nH - corrected (again Lawrence...)

Posted by John Coppens 2005-05-15


This release has loads (pun) of changes! Before qualifying it as a real release I've marked it as Alpha. Please consult the Changelog, and please report problems to the forum.
It's now possible the add parallel and series LC components.

Posted by John Coppens 2005-05-12

linsmith-0.8.4 released

Version 0.8.4 corrects a quite severe error when using the zoom feature - particularly when zooming out.

Posted by John Coppens 2004-12-22

linsmith-0.8.3 released and RFC

German translation added, thanks to Georg Baum.

Partly 'cause I was already thinking about it, and given the final impetus
by Lawrence Glaister (ve7it[at], I will be implementing a sort of
'instrument interface' to linsmith. The idea is to automatically transfer
data from, eg. a network analyser to the program.

Please read more in the NEWS file of this release

Posted by John Coppens 2004-12-21

linsmith 0.8.1 released

Effects of the value scrollbars is now immediately visible on the chart, which facilitates the usage of the program significantly (and, to be honest, it's quite spectacular too).

Posted by John Coppens 2004-08-24

linsmith 0.8.0 released

Although a few minor errors were corrected, this release marks the initial work towards a dynamically generated background image, in this version zooming is enabled, but the background is still bitmapped.

Posted by John Coppens 2004-08-15

Extra background charts available

As promised, I've posted a few extra charts in different flavors and sizes (and in English), along with instructions on how to install them in the program. (

Posted by John Coppens 2004-07-28

linSmith 0.7.6 released

linSmith has been 'internationalized', and the first translations applied: Chinese (thank WanShi) and Spanish.
A bug when modifying loads has also be eliminated.

Posted by John Coppens 2004-07-27

Initial public release linSmith 0.7.4

linSmith is a Smith Chart utility, mainly designed for educational use, though it's quite usable for problem solving too. Problems can be solved on-screen, and high-quality Postscript can be output for publication.
This is the first publicly released version!

Posted by John Coppens 2004-07-18

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