Noobish problem

  • Mathias Anlander

    Hi All,

    Just installed linsmith through the ubuntu repository so I got v0.99.3 and Ubuntu 8.04.

    The problem is that I cant add loads, I enter

    1850 MHz    30 + j20 Ohms

    But the "New" button is greyed out. I try by entering the values from the tutorial on the homepage but that doesnt help neither.

    Help is much appreciated as this could be a helpful tool for RF port matching for me!

    Best regards


    • John Coppens

      John Coppens - 2008-09-11

      Hello Mathias.

      This is a known problem - it has been solved in version 0.99.7 (we're at version 0.99.11 now).
      Try the debian packaes (I believe they are compatible, at least they're at 0.99.7) at:

      And send a messages to the Ubuntu maintainer asking him to update to at least 0.99.7,
      though there are a few improvements after that which may interest you:

      I'm sorry I cannot generate .deb packages here, as my distribution is based on Slackware.
      Maybe, using the Debian tools, you can convert one of the other packages I put on Sourceforge to debian/ubuntu (there are .tgz and .rpm packages)..

      Finally, the best way to keep up is to compile the source yourself. It's not that complicated.



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