linsmith-0.9.3 released

  • John Coppens

    John Coppens - 2006-03-31

    Hi all.

    After a prolonged 'vacation' from computer activities, I've done some work on linsmith.

    -Tried to centralize (and correct) button enabling for components in one place.

    -Solved some redrawing problems

    -Changing Zo on the main window now has immediate     

    -Changed the order of definition of elements.

    Focus for 0.9.4 is remote control issues.


    • Lawrence P. Glaister

      Great news John.
      I am just completing a N2PK vector network analyzer.
      I built a small interface board using a 30f4011 microcontroller so that the VNA can be used as a standalone antenna analyzer or hooked to a computer via a serial channel. I would like to help with the remote coding interface for linsmith.
      cheers from Canada.
      Lawrence VE7IT

    • John Coppens

      John Coppens - 2006-03-31

      Hi Lawrence.
      I'd appreciate suggestions if other commands or data interchanges are necessary to make the remote things practical. You'd be very helpful with any suggestions there.
      While I'm redoing part of the remote thing, I'll try and see if I can make it more modular so different interfaces can be added.


    • Lawrence P. Glaister

      Hi John,
      As far as protocol, I am making the interface to my VNA very easy. The interface is serial and the command to collect a reading consists of sending a frequency word in ascii in units of hertz (sample: 14150000crlf). The vna will respond with the complex impedance in 2 floating point ascii strings.(sample:
      57.12 +4.81crlf). All calibration, setup etc is handled locally by the VNA. All that is needed on the linsmith side is a data entry screen for start frequency, end frequency and number of samples to collect. To implement a dynamic display, it would be nice to make the data collection process be either a single shot event or continuously repeating. On my VNA, the data collection takes about 1/2 second/point, so it would be nice to refresh the display as the data points are received. I hope that gives you some ideas. Let me know what you would like me to code if 0.9.3 is the latest source, I can probably do all the changes in the next few days and send you the updated sources.
      Lawrence VE7IT


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