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serial remote control for VNA

  • Lawrence P. Glaister

    Hi John,
    Great to see the flurry of new changes to linsmith. I still use it quite regularly.
    I would like to get my serial changes into the mainstream sources as I am stuck at a version from several years ago. I have downloaded the .11 version, and can send you a patch in a few days if the code is going to be stable for a while. I realize the protocol is specific to my serial VNA, but it does give a simple reference design that could be expanded for other network analyzer interfaces. Please let me know if you would like the patches.
    Lawrence VE7IT

    • John Coppens

      John Coppens - 2008-09-12

      Hi Lawrence!

      Long time since I heard from you!

      Yes I'm interested in the patches. I would be particularly interested if either you could suggest or I could distill from the patches some kind of algorithm which would make it easier in future versions to do more of this kind of extension (in such a way that adding a new interface wouldn't need 'invasive surgery'). What do you think about that - any suggestions?

      You're still using the n2pk VNA, aren't you?



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