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LinPsk - PSK31 for Linux / News: Recent posts

LinPsk for qt5 released

Besides some small changes LinPsk 1.2.5-rc1 now compiles against qt5.

Posted by Volker Schroer 2016-01-26

Linpsk 1.0 released

Linpsk 1.0 is now available. I switched to native alsa support. Reading and writing of samples now is done in an extra thread.
Linpsk can connect to LinlogBook to administer qsl data.

Posted by Volker Schroer 2009-06-20

DarwinPSk released

DarwinPsk contains minor bug fixes and a new experimental rtty decoder ( rtty2) .

For details see the changelog

Posted by Volker Schroer 2004-07-02


DarwinPsk released. Have a look at the Changelog for new features

Posted by Volker Schroer 2004-05-02


DarwinPsk released. This is bugfix only release.

Posted by Volker Schroer 2004-03-14


DarwinPsk has been releaased, to fix the "spinning-disc-of-death" problem.

Posted by Volker Schroer 2004-03-07

DarwinPsk 0.8

A new version of DarwinPsk is now available. This version drives the Mac soundsystem directly without the use of esound

Posted by Volker Schroer 2004-02-15

LinPSK 0.7.1 released

A new version of LinPSK was released. It now supports QT3.

Posted by Volker Schroer 2003-07-19

DarwinPSK released

A version of LinPsk named DarwinPSK for the Macintosh was released today.

Volker, DL1KSV

Posted by Volker Schroer 2002-03-01

LinPsk 0.6.2 released

The new release of LinPsk contains some bugfixes and a improved RTTY - decoder

Posted by Volker Schroer 2002-01-28

linpsk 0.6.1 released

8 bit soundcard support implemented.
Some minor bug fixes. See ChangeLog

Posted by Volker Schroer 2001-12-07

LinPsk 0.6 released

LinPsk 0.6 has been released. It additionaly supports RTTY.
The RTTY mode is still beta.
You can download the sources or a linked version

Posted by Volker Schroer 2001-11-11

LinPsk 0.5.1

New Version of LinPSk now released.
Have a look at the ChangeLog for the new features.

Posted by Volker Schroer 2001-02-04

LinPsk 0.4.1

New version of LinPsk is now released.
You can define for each rx- window a trigger. So you 'll be notified if special text like "cq" or a certain callsign is recognized.

Posted by Volker Schroer 2000-12-17

LinPsk 0.4 released

LinPskm 0.4 is now available. It supports scalable spectrum and waterfall display for easy tuning.
Up to for signals can be decoded simultaneously (tested on a Pentium 133mhz).

It's based on QT 2.2.x

Posted by Volker Schroer 2000-10-23

LinPsk 0.3 released

Now version 0.3 of LinPsk is released. It uses QT 2.2 instead of QT 1.44. Some minor bugfixes are included, too.

Posted by Volker Schroer 2000-09-14