vnode_pager_putpages: I/O Error 28

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    I have been using LinPHA for the last year to manage a large (125,000+) jpeg archive.  Just yesterday, the message in my subject line began scrolling on the screen uncontrollably ending in the system becoming inoperable.  My evidence gathering has gleaned that when this condition begins, ImageMagick's "convert" process is utilizing anywhere from 80M - 300M of memory.  Would it be possible to specify -limit memory 64 and -limit map 64 in the convert command issued by LinPHA to avoid this situation?  Please advise as I do not know where the appropriate modifications should be made within LinPHA. 


    John M. Johnson
    Unix Systems Administrator

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Additionally, I am running FreeBSD 6.0-STABLE with MySQL 5.0.9 and LinPHA 1.0.

    • bzrudi

      bzrudi - 2006-10-12

      Hello John,

      please add the args manually in /functions/image.php arround line 700 in function convert_image_convert(). It needs further research for compatibility, before we can add them as default args. Anyway 125.000+ images is quite alot :-)

      cheers bzrudi


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