Anonymous - 2008-08-15


We have a Strange reproduceable Problem.

On Our Server are Several Linphas (all upgraded to the latest because of this Problem and security issuses)

The Problem is now really serious and were short bevore we have to remove all linpha websites.

I try to Explain what happen exactly:
All Linphas have several Cathegories and about 2gb Pictures (each).
When you go on a Picture you can jump back by the menue like

This is working fine no Problem BUT when you have a subcathegorie and use the other link :
The Server Crahes. The http load goes to 100% and the apache server is frozen

We retried this several times and it happens not on every "stage=2" link but on some
on them its repruduceable (but i cant see any difference and it happen on different lipha pages with differen photos)

Even with the "problemlinks" it will be no problem WITHOUT the &ref_imgid=

So the Problem is because of the reference ID.
i DOnt know if its only on Stage=2 (subcath.) or not its seems to be just random some of them work (most of them) some not.

About the Server
First try with debian etch, latest apache2 updates mpm worker, because of that problems we compiled a new apache 2.2.9 from the scratch. With MPM worker and MPM prefork (both we tried). PHP is the latest 5.
Mysql version is the latest debian etch 5.

The Logfiles says nothing. (in the etch apache package config we got no entry server got onto 100% load and could not write any logfile entrys - with the compiled 2.2.9 we got entrys and saw the last link a bot tried.

The Realproblem is that google and other searchbots uses all links so they shoot down our server 5 times a day.
thats not funny not really :-)

so any suggest how to trace it?
what do refimg id xactly what about removing it form the code?

im sorry im not an lionpha expert im just an system admin who try to help his users.. so i dont know if there should be a setting to turn off or so
pls help thanks