Cannot access "albums" without Linpha

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    LinpHA version: V1
    Operating System: not sure
    Database type/version: MYSQL
    GDlib/Imagemagick: GD
    Webhost: 1&1 Internet

    I am having problems trying to access images (by linking)in the "albums" folder outside of Linpha. I was wondering if Linpha has some kind of protection on the albums folder to prevent "outside linking?" As soon as I move my images outside of the "albums" folder, I can access the images by linking; ie works fine, but does not work, I get a permission denied error even though premissions for that folder (files) is set to 777. Any Ideas? Thanks!


    • Anonymous - 2006-12-07

      yes thats true
      there is a protection file .htaccess in the albums folder which should prevent direct access to the images
      without this file the permissions in linpha wouldnt make sense...

      if you dont want to protect your images, just delete this file



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