How to Remove Duplicate Photos?

  • Mr.Christian

    Mr.Christian - 2006-07-28

    I have an archive using the latest build (1.1.1) and when i build the thumb using "create_all_thumbs.php" I can see all the duplicates but it does not delete them.

    With over 24,000 photos in the archive and new ones being added each week; manually removing any duplicates would be a massive pain in the butt.

    Since the system can detect the duplicates is there a way to have it also remove them? or at least remove the duplicate thumb? I am getting complaints from people about this.

    Any help is greatly appreciated and I would be willing to pay someone to modify or fix this for me as well.


    • bzrudi

      bzrudi - 2006-07-28

      Hi Cristian,

      there is no such "duplicate delete thing" for a couple of reasons:

      1. security: no one should ever thing of giving write/delete access to images on a public server ( which is indeed required to delete them)
      2. How should LinPHA deside which image to leave an which to delete from which album?
      3. I was just to lacy to have it done for now ;-)

      Sure, running as an intranet version there should not apply the security stuff...

      Maybe I will have a look over the days and see what I can do...

      cheers bzrudi

      • Mr.Christian

        Mr.Christian - 2006-08-01

        Thanks bzrudi you da man!

        I am not exactly sure how to get the latest version out of CVS but I will give it a go.

        If I have to wait for the next release will this feateure make it into that?

        Thanks again for your help. You have saved me from a life of manual deleting.

        • Mr.Christian

          Mr.Christian - 2006-08-01

          Ok I figured it out. Duh, I feel pretty stupid now.

          I am going to attempt an upgrade now. Wish me luck.

          thanks again.

    • bzrudi

      bzrudi - 2006-07-30


      fixed in CVS. There is now an option to let LinPHA delete duplicates. By default the image in the first found album will be kept and all other duplicates in  the other folder will be droped. For sure this needs write permissions set correctly for the webserver user.

      cheers bzrudi

      • Mr.Christian

        Mr.Christian - 2006-09-04


        You guys are the best.


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