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Install appeared to work but no images show..

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    The installation on OSX web server reported no errors and the basic screens (login, admin, search, etc.) are available. I tried uploading images using the uploader which sent it but I can't view the images. File manager show the images are set to RW. It's no way close to your demo site which I LIKE very much. Did I miss something? Thanks for any advice.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      In response to this question - I downloaded and installed the latest snapshop and everything works now. Great product! Thanks

      (G3 Mac OSX2.8 running personal websharing)

      • bzrudi

        bzrudi - 2004-01-20


        the snapshots are more or minor the next 0.9.2 release. I just wait for some translations to be done :-)
        Like to hear that it works now...

        cheers bzrudi


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