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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Of course this is weird, but I'm having the following issue.

    Loaded a bunch of Jpegs into the system...all went in fine, thumbs created, and I can view them all with Safari web browser.  Now if I switch to Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox...some of the thumbs appear and some don't.  Updated PHP to 4.3.6 Updated imagemagik to 6.0 and had thumbs recreated on the image folder that was not appearing in IE or Firefox.  Same as before...can see them in Safari, but cannot see them in firefox or IE.  Checked the Apache error log, but do not see any problems. 

    Any Ideas?

    • bzrudi

      bzrudi - 2004-08-04


      are you sure that all files are just jpegs? There is a known issue with some kind of tiff files. This is already fixed in CVS and the next release will include the changes. (end of this week, maybe ! :-)

      cheers bzrudi

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      That is the weird thing.  They all are jpg files.  The only thing I could think of would be how Safari handles images compared to Mozilla and IE.  Will be checking with another OS X machine to see if this is true of not.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Took a closer look at the jpgs.  Turns out some of them had an RGB profile and others had CMYK profile.  The CMYK went through fine, but the thumbnail cannot be viewed with IE, or Mozilla...while Safari could view them. Jpgs with the RGB profile caused no problems at all for IE or Mozilla.

      Thanks for the help.  Your suggestion on looking closer at the JPG files saved me some time.

      • Anonymous - 2004-08-05

        would be nice if you can send us some examples of these images

        thanks flo


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