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Linpac 0.21 is released

Hello Everyone,

Linpac 0.21 has been released with some code cleanups, scripts that can email/SMS you when you receive a new Linpac message, etc.


Posted by David Ranch 2015-05-25 Labels: 0.21

Linpac 0.21 almost ready for release..

Hello Everyone,

If you hadn't noticed, development has been ongoing in GIT. If you want to try out the newest code before we release 0.21, try checking out the Git "develop" branch!

Anyway, I hope to release 0.21 shortly and then get started on 0.22.


Posted by David Ranch 2015-04-21

Linpac 0.20 is posted

Hello Everyone,

Though with a little delay, v0.20 has been posted both as a .tgz and into Git. I encourage all of you to give it a try and see what you think of it. In the following weeks, I will integrate the todo list into the various SourceForge trackers and the start focusing on the 1.0 train which no only supports the classic Ncurses interface but also has Java UI but there is also a Qt port out there I hear!... read more

Posted by David Ranch 2014-08-08 Labels: 0.20

Linpac 0.20 is on it's way..

Hello Everyone,

David, KI6ZHD here and as menioned in the forum some time ago, I have taken over maintinance of Linpac. Though many of Radek's previous comments still stand true, packet radio is coming back to some level across the world and Linpac is one of the best programs out there for Linux! It's modular, light weight, and gives users full access to the power of AX.25 and doesn't hide anything. ... read more

Posted by David Ranch 2014-08-03 Labels: 0.20

LinPac is looking for a new maintainer

Hi all,
I'm sure you have noticed that LinPac is not being developed anymore. There are two basic reasons: the first one - as you could expect - is lack of time since there are too many projects to work on. And the second reason is lack of motivation. At least in my country, in times of Internet, WiFi and other technologies available to everyone, packet radio is dying and there are very few users left. Moreover, the technological gap between the AX.25 and TCP/IP worlds has became huge and I find no point in re-implementing all the services such as mail transport and clients for AX.25 when they are perfectly working in TCP/IP for years. And lastly, there has been no real feedback that would motivate me (but many thanks to those few people that have been sending me bug reports, comments and improvements).... read more

Posted by Radek Burget 2006-05-16

LinPac 0.17pre3

A new release is out. This one just fixes some compilation bugs. It can be downloaded from

Posted by Radek Burget 2003-08-13

LinPac 0.17pre2

Another LinPac pre-release is available. This one fixes the automatic login password reply function that was not working due to a bug in command line quoting. This release is available at Any feedback is welcome.

Posted by Radek Burget 2003-08-11

LinPac 0.17pre1 - Bugfix release

New LinPac 0.17pre1 has been released. This release should fix the major bugs of 0.16 that have been mentioned in forums. It will eventually become the 0.17 stable release if there are no new reports. This release is not available from the LinPac homepage, you can download it from the SourceForge project page ( I'm sorry for the delay. Please note that the 0.xx branch is closed for new features since I'm working at the 1.0 branch now.

Posted by Radek Burget 2003-08-09

LinPac 1.0pre4 releases

LinPac 1.0pre4 has been released. The Java terminal has now sounds and many other improvements. Just give it a try!

Posted by Radek Burget 2003-06-29

LinPac 1.0pre3 released

New unstable LinPac has been released. It contains some improvements proposed in forums and many bugfixes. Enjoy!

Posted by Radek Burget 2003-05-26

LinPac 1.0pre2 released

A new pre-version has been released. I mean it's quite useable now and has a quite nice graphical interface (but there is still no mailer, sorry). Please read installation instructions carefuly.

Posted by Radek Burget 2003-03-06

New LinPac site

I have updated the site a bit so it has a new look now and the contents of the sections are updated and empasized. I hope you'll find everything you are looking for.

Posted by Radek Burget 2003-03-06

Patch for GCC 3.2 released

In order to solve the problems with compiling LinPac 0.16 on Mandrake 9.0 and other distributions with GCC 3.2 a patch has been released. Take a look to the 'Patches' section.

Posted by Radek Burget 2002-11-28

LinPac 1.0 preview available

I have released a first preview of LinPac 1.0. It has not all the functions implemented and it contains lots of bugs but you can check how it's going to be. Please read for more information.

Posted by Radek Burget 2002-10-01

LinPac 0.16 is out!

Hi all, I am glad to inform you that the new stable version of LinPac has been finally released. Many thanks for all the contributors and testers and I am looking forward to the future collaboration. There is no celebration party organized but you can have a glass of wine or whatever you prefer. Thanks & 73! (Radek)

Posted by Radek Burget 2002-07-30

LinPac 0.16pre15 released

This version of LinPac hopefuly fixes the problem with connecting (appeared on some distributions only) and some other minor bugs (command-line processing).

Posted by Radek Burget 2002-07-03

LinPac 0.16pre14 released

Another bugfix release is here. Just take a look at the changelog.

Posted by Radek Burget 2002-06-28

LinPac RPMs

Thierry F1TVE has contributed LinPac RPM packages. I don't have access to any RPM based Linux but if you do please report if they are ok. The files are not yet available at the LinPac homepage but you can find them in the Files section at SourceForge (see SourceForge services section at the main page).

Posted by Radek Burget 2002-06-21

LinPac 0.16pre13

Another pre-release is out. The only change is a small bugfix in the installation script (by F1TVE).

Posted by Radek Burget 2002-06-19

New LinPac & lptelnet

New versions of the packages have been released. They contain improved installation scripts by F1TVE. This change should solve the problems in lptelnet installation.

Posted by Radek Burget 2002-06-14

Lptelnet 0.02 released

The lptelnet package has been adapted for LinPac 0.16. There are no new features but it should work with the recent 0.16pre releases. Please give it a try.

Posted by Radek Burget 2002-06-01

LinPac 0.16pre11

OK, here is another release. It contains more support for western codepages CP437 and CP857 and some fixed.

Posted by Radek Burget 2002-05-22

LinPac future

In the Forums there are some issues about the future development of LinPac. Do not hesitate to add any comments.

Posted by Radek Burget 2002-05-20

LinPac 0.16pre10

I have released new LinPac 0.16pre10. This is a candidate for the stable 0.16 release.

Posted by Radek Burget 2002-05-20

New pre-release 0.16pre7

New pre-release is available for testing. The
"message broken" bug should be fixed.

Posted by Radek Burget 2001-11-26

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