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Project relaunch

Hi guys

As from next year I will be relaunching the project. I will keep you updated on progress.


Posted by Terence van Schalkwyk 2003-12-26

Sad News...

Well most of us here know Smurf as our head developer. We have lost him recently which means I have to take over as project admin. My time does not allow for this at the moment. So because of this reason LinksOS design will start with a bang towards the end of November. I will launch a new site with great features plus many other great tools.

I will be looking for a commited team to work on the project so if you are interested please drop me a line.... read more

Posted by Terence van Schalkwyk 2003-10-07

A letter to all Linksos developers from the head admin


Most of you don't know me or have never met me. My name is Terence van Schalkwyk and I am of corse the Head Admin of Linksos. I have been a very busy person over the last couple of months and I am in the last two months of studies. At the end of November I will be back on working on Linksos, working on web and graphics. If you would like to get hold of me at any time from today onwards please feal free to email me at or get hold of me on MSN: or yahoo: or in the linksos chat room where I will be on most weekends. ... read more

Posted by Terence van Schalkwyk 2003-08-10

Still looking for people!

We are still looking for people!

Are you an experienced coder? Are you bored? Are you full of ideas? Or do you feel that what you are doing now doesn't challenge you?
Then think about joining the LinksOS project.

We are still looking for people who think that current OSs need improvement or think when they see one of those OSs I can do that better!

We are especially looking for people who have experience with or know a lot about:... read more

Posted by Christian 2003-05-23

Project Update

I thought you might want to know what is going on.

1. The Kernel Team is designing kernel like the process managment, memory managment and also the an API that the servers can use with or with a functional kernel.

2. I'm doing a small article called LinksOS, which basicly contains all of our OS design. And I hope will grow into a reference manuel for developers.


Posted by Christian 2003-05-22

Has our website been hacked??

Was our website hacked by our rivals or is there a technical reason why some folders have been deleted?

Posted by Christian 2003-05-12

Can't reach website

Our webhosting seems to slow the last few days. So if your getting time outs on our website please be patient and refresh the page and it will show up.

Posted by Christian 2003-05-03

Help wanted


LinksOS is still at its design stages. To get things going faster we need help. However I'm not looking for developers but for people who want to monitor the mailinglist and comment or post their own ideas on how the OS should do things.


Posted by Christian 2003-04-13

IRC channel is reopened

Visit #linksos to see our channel.

Posted by Christian 2003-04-03

New website up and running

Check the new website

The whole website is just a phpbb forum but it can do anything that we need.

1. News
2. Support
3. Coding
4. Off topic
5. And anything else


Posted by Christian 2003-03-14


Please subscribe to the mailing list to see what we are doing.

Posted by Christian 2003-03-14

New channel for meetings

Meet the developers in and ask away

Posted by Christian 2003-01-19

LinksOS team has split

Some of our members have decided to continue on there one.

Best wishes to them. Sure the will need it

Posted by Christian 2003-01-18

All non active members will be removed

All non active members of this project will be removed this sunday

Posted by Christian 2002-12-28

People who like to: Talk, Discuss, Rant, Flame, BS, New tech

You like to do any of the above?

then join us on IRC every saturday.

More details can be found be emailing me at

Posted by Christian 2002-12-09

25 Members

We have now 25 members welcome all.

I hope you will enjoy working for LinksOS

Posted by Christian 2002-11-19

Take the survey

Hi all,

Please take the survey at this address:

Don't worry it's only a couple of questions.

The Admin

Posted by Christian 2002-11-10

Linksos IRC channel changed

After having connection problems on the IRC server dalnet.
I have created a new channel on another server ( allot faster).

Now goto: linksos_devs on the sf sever.

Same time / same day / diffirent place

Posted by Christian 2002-10-26

Online Meeting #linksos

The meetings will be at 14:30 PM GMT

So that is in the:

US (Eastern Time) : 09:30 AM (GMT - 5)
Europe (Paris): 16:30 (GMT +2)
South Africa: 17:30 (GMT +3)
India (North & Calcutta): 20:00 (GMT + 5.30)

Feel free to join in later if you can't at the starting hour.

IRC #linksos

Posted by Christian 2002-10-23

LinksOS Forums

Our forums are up and running please visit them at!

Terence van Schalkwyk

Posted by Terence van Schalkwyk 2002-10-19

Starting to work


I am the new admin. I was asked to take over the admin site of the whole deal.

Basicly first things I want is a good and full website as our website is our greeting card and the first thing allot of people will see.

Second: Make a project plan. I think all major steps should be decided before we start doing anything else.

Third: Decide what we want to write our self or port. This falls basicly in step 2.... read more

Posted by Christian 2002-10-14

New Admin

I have stood down as Admin but I am still in charge of the project. I feel that the new admin will do a better job than me.

Terence van Schalkwyk

Posted by Terence van Schalkwyk 2002-10-06



I have read the post about "Is this project alive" and these are my comments!

I am on the LINKSOS site everyday and I wait on the room on friday nights and NOBODY WILL COME AND I REPEAT NOBODY COMES!

So I am looking for a devoted team that will make to project work. I mean will still havent decided if we are going to create our own filesystem or use Linux!

This is my plee if you dont want to be part of the project anymore or you dont have the time send me an email and I will take you off!... read more

Posted by Terence van Schalkwyk 2002-09-22

New Website

Our new site has been uploaded!

It is a bit basic but it is the base and we will build on it!

Posted by Terence van Schalkwyk 2002-09-20

Admin Chat

I would like to say that I will be in the IRC room every friday night for chat. I should me there from 01:00 AM onwards.
Anybody wanting to talk to me please come to the room!

Posted by Terence van Schalkwyk 2002-09-10

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