Hi all,
Ok first there is a mailinglist and allot of members are already signed up. But I usually send to both as also allot haven't signed up yet. To lazy to do so I guess.
The sign up to the mailing list go here:
So from now on I will be only posting to the mailinglist. To bad for all who don't want to sign up.
1. Language:
And as Eduardo said we will be using C, It's syntax isn't to difficult especially if you know other languages (good).
2. Linux:
Maybe running some kind of emulation layer could be implemented to run Linux apps. And "In our own dev tool" to have a utility that scans the source of the Linux app and converts it to a LinksOS app (faster).
3. Kernel:
Must support the following: Modern hardware support, Loadable / Unloadable kernel modules (Only loads parts that it needs), stable, networking. Modules will support multimedia functions.
4. Multimedia:
Yes ( It's a minimum for a modern day OS)
5. GUI
I don't feel for x11 as it's slow. However a shell that's separated from the OS is good. Keeps the OS free from GUI bugs. However OS is GUI/ shell aware.
6. Portability:
Not an issue as not allot of PowerPC users will be downloading us. PowerPC is 1% of all desktop computers. And as someone once stated: I'm not going to write code that runs slow on all computers so that the tiny non profitable 1% of users can also run it. ( Read Java and X11). So target is Intel platform. If we must have PowerPC then it's better to make a custom build.
7. UML
Yes UML will be important read here a story why it should be: http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/fog0000000036.html
First the OS only in words then UML both with every possible detail. Keep in mind this will take a long time.
8. Filessystem
Database like
Finally as Eduardo pointed out we cannot do ANYTHING if we don't have a kernel. What ever you want to do in LinksOS with no kernel there is no show.
So for now no new people until we have a kernel. Except if you want to work on the kernel team.
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> Hi,
> Another thing to consider is whether or not we will support applications
> from any other Operating Systems (eg. have some sort of compatibility
> layer for them).
> I agree that we need some sort of list, maybe even a sourceforge mailing
> list - I have to select every name individually in Evolution :(
> Do we know what language everything will be programmed in yet? I can
> program, but not in every language, so if it's a language I know, I
> might be able to help with some tasks.
> Thanks,
> Kye Lewis