Anonymous - 2012-04-11

Love this library!  I've only encountered one problem and had 1 question:

- When setting the option 'height' to 'auto' and setting 'minHeight' to '200' it puts the events down on the bottom where the days go. 
- I can't seem to get double clicking an event to work.  How exactly would you call that event listener?

One request I have is to have more control when zooming in.  Depending on how your mouse wheel is setup, the timeline can zoom in/out way too fast.  So I'm thinking what if when you select an event then when you zoom in/out then it'll do so from that point instead of where the mouse is.  That way, if you have a bunch of events in the same area you can click on one event and zoom closer into that group easier because your centered on that event.  Make sense?

Keep up the good work on this library.  It's the only decent one out there.