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Linknx released


After a couple of last minute feature adds, I decided to release linknx . Since some new features needed structural changes, bugs could have been introduced. If you rely on linknx for your everyday's life, I would advise you to wait a couple of weeks to see if no critical bug is detected. If you have a test system, I encourage you to try it and report bugs. The plan for near future is to stop adding new features wait for potential bug fixes then release version and change project status from 'Beta' to 'Stable'.... read more

Posted by jef2000 2011-03-09

Wiki moved


The Linknx Wiki has been migrated to MediaWiki by SourceForge team. The new address is:

You can also access it using the "Hosted Apps" menu on the project page (if that menu is not displayed, click on "Develop")

Posted by jef2000 2009-08-01

Linknx released

After weeks of work, I can finally release the version of linknx.
The main new features are:
* Improved logging capabilities:
If compiled with the corresponding option, linknx can use the log4cpp library to allow much more flexible logging.
In case log4cpp was not enabled a tcompile time, the internal logger is also improved and allows to filter out messages below a given level (INFO, WARN, ERROR). A timestamp is also added to each log line (but can be disabled).... read more

Posted by jef2000 2009-03-14

KnxWeb 0.6 needed with linknx


I made a new KnxWeb release. Not much new features, but code has been adapted for new object type naming introduced in linknx



Posted by jef2000 2008-08-06

Linknx released

I finally found the time to make this new release.
New features:
* New KNX data-types (8, 16 and 32 bit signed/unsigned int and IEEE754 32 bit float)
Now the EIS datatypes have been replaced by corresponding datapoint types as described in
* Sunrise/Sunset/Noon timespec to trigger timers depending on sunrise/sunset time.
* New action "copy-value" that copy the value of an object to another one when it's executed.
* Improve delay configuration (allow d, h or m at end for days, hours or minutes)
* Improve version information. Now linknx -V also says with which optional features it is compiled (e-mail, SMS, ...
* Add XML command to save current config to a file. Now the -w parameter doesn't save the file when linknx exit, but just specify the default location where to save if command <admin><save/></admin> is received via the XML interface. You can also specify a file name directly in <admin><save file="xyz.xml"/></admin>... read more

Posted by jef2000 2008-08-02

KnxWeb 0.5 available

This release allows to add user-defined HTML blocs in the design, improves the text control, adds a "scale" control to graphically display 0-100% values like blinds or dimmers, allows user-defined pictures for some controls (on/off, scale and goto), and provides a magnetic grid for easier positioning of the controls.

Thanks to Daniel Busch for the testing, user feedback and german translation.... read more

Posted by jef2000 2008-05-01

KnxWeb 0.4 released

New features:
Added multiple icons for switch (light, outlet, fan, pump, blinds)

Main improvements:
Improved German translation
Fix problems with IE when saving or displaying design

Posted by jef2000 2008-04-07

KnxWeb 0.3 released

KnxWeb now supports multiple languages.
Replace js/lang.js by the language file you want.
In German translation, some strings are still in english. Any translation proposal or improvement to the actual translations would be appreciated.


Posted by jef2000 2008-03-29

Welcome to KnxWeb

Cyrille has joined the project with his promising KnxWeb interface. This web visualisation component is mainly running on client side (javascript in browser) using AJAX technology. A PHP script on server side is used to communicate with Linknx.

Posted by jef2000 2008-03-02

Linknx released

* Add XML command to read all/multiple objects
* Add mysql support for persistence
* Various bugfixes

Posted by jef2000 2008-02-01

Linknx released

* Add logging capabilities
* Add support for SMTP auth
* Move config and persistence files to FHS compliant locations
* Allow user to tell if/where the config is written when linknx is stopped
* Added linknx.spec file to be able to build rpm with command "rpmbuild -ta linknx-"
* Allow comparisons (<, >, >=, <=, <>, ==) for conditions on object values

Posted by jef2000 2007-12-12

Wiki updated

Some wiki articles have been added. They describe the compilation of linknx for various platforms (native, OpenWRT and Optware)
More articles expected soon.
Feel free to add information where you think it's useful

Posted by jef2000 2007-11-29

Linknx is out

It Adds support for 14 character String object (EIS15) (Thanks to Matthias Friedrich for the patch).
Adds implementation for FilePersitentStorage to store important variables in files and reload them at startup.
Adds ETS-like flags for communication objects
(read, write, update, transmit, ...)

Posted by jef2000 2007-11-18

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