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Minor change to application and DLL

Library functions 'GenerateLinksS', 'GenerateLinksV', 'cGenerateLinksS' and 'cGenerateLinksV' changed as to their parameters. Now the ProgressBar and Label parameters for callback are passed as void pointers (void*), either or both of which can be set to NULL, if no callback is desired to the corresponding control. So a call, for example, of the function 'GenerateLinksV' can be either of the following:... read more

Posted by Iskander Shafikov 2009-12-30

LinkGenerator 1.0.2 beta released!

New project in SourceForge - LinkGenerator. Released as version 1.0.2 beta (alpha/beta). Check for updates.

Posted by Iskander Shafikov 2009-12-18