The Link Engine / News: Recent posts

New Functions

Added 2xsai support, but using SuperEagle do to it's ability to handle scaled down images better. You can also take screen shots now. Look for a fork in the near future. More to come on that.

Posted by Jeremy McCleese 2004-12-12

0.01 Alpha Released

Thought I would go ahead and get it out there. Collision detection needs a little bit more work, but it's getting there.

Posted by Jeremy McCleese 2004-12-04

0.01pa2 CVS

From this point on until release 0.01a, all updates will be released via CVS. You might want to check it out now. Your ears could be in for a surprise.

Posted by Jeremy McCleese 2004-12-02

0.01pa2 Up for testing

Added a new pre-alpha release for testing. It's no way near perfect, but that's what the release early/release often thing is all about, right?

Posted by Jeremy McCleese 2004-12-02

0.01 Alpha To be released within the week.

After an all night coding session with cigarettes and coffee as my only friends, I have almost readied TLE for it's first alpha release. Look for it by Saturday.

Posted by Jeremy McCleese 2004-12-01