How can i add my project to the CVS server?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm a beginner, and i need to add my project to the CVS server. Can you help me?

    • Tilo Riemer

      Tilo Riemer - 2005-04-05


      do you mean adding to the server or adding a cvs working copy to LinCVS?

      However, the first point is described in the CVSBook which is freely available (see LinCVS: Help/online help.

      In LinCVS you have to do the following steps:

      - Go to "Project/Import
      - Fill out the fields of the import dialog
      - check which files would be added using the "preview"
      - adapt the list of ignored or binary files if necessary

      After successful import you must checkout a working copy.

      If this description is too short, ask again ;-)
      Feel free to send us an email, for instance to

      Best regards, Tilo


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