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  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I copied into my project working directories a number of files to be added to the repository. They did not immediately appear in the LinCVS tree. This caused much work to try to identify the new files in the directory and update the modification date, so I could then add them to the repository.

    Using the WinCVS client, you can see the newly added files immediately, although with a different icon, so you can see they have not been added yet. I wonder whether LinCVS could do this also.


    • Tilo Riemer

      Tilo Riemer - 2001-01-15

      alas, this is not implemented yet. I have less freetime for working on lincvs, but anytime...

      ...hmmm, do you mean version 0.3xxx ?
      you can see new noncvs-files in the noncvs-fileview. if you have moved some files to the current dir, you can temporarly change the dir and go back to the dir of interest. then you can see all noncvs-files.

      best regards, Tilo

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      No, alas I have 0.2.5.

      I am waiting for the red hat rpm for 0.3 - and for it to get to 'stable'.

      noncvs-files sounds like a useful option

      I suppose I could download qt, and build it myself...


      • Tilo Riemer

        Tilo Riemer - 2001-01-16

        > ...0.2.5
        I think you can use one of the suse-rpms of version beta1 (alas, beta1 kills all ssh-agents of you if it's finished) or alpha2. they should be stable.

        or you can wait for the upcoming beta2 (if I have enough time: this week)

        best regards, Tilo


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