How do you do a rollback to a previous ver?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    How do you rollback a file to a previous version in lincvs?

    I know there are 2 options with cvs command line.

    1) cvs admin -o1.5 filename.txt

    --this will delete version 1.5, assuming this is the latest version, then 1.4 will become the head.

    2) cvs co -r1.4 filename.txt
       cvs commit.

    --this will checkout the previous version (1.4) and then check it back in, making it the latest version. Eg. the new 1.6 will = 1.4.

    HOW do you do either of these in lincvs?

    • Tilo Riemer

      Tilo Riemer - 2006-02-01

      way 2 is possible:

      - update other revision
      - in the dialog uncheck "set sticky tag"
      - choose a revision
      - click ok

      Best regards, Tilo


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