Just read Marcels feedback (like always the first with feedback!) and wanted to comment on it.

I will probably not be able to participate in the UI meeting this saturday.

On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 8:25 PM, Marcel Minke (Limesurvey) <marcel.minke@limesurvey.org> wrote:
1. Competion: I guess this will only be displayed for surveys using
assignments where you know about the number of participants? At
anonymous surveys everyone can take part at there will be less data?!
Personally I don't like the idea of showing a X% cempleted message
calculated from the number of invited participants and the answers so
far. Most people will only receive 10-20% feedback so they will always
cry when watching at this result ;-)

Live is hard and not a "Kindergeburtstag" as we Germans would say. I think, the response rate is essential and should not be ignored by anyone (Everyone who has 10-20% response rate should be more than happy anyway).

But the response rate is important to understand and interpret the results as well, because you have to keep in mind what percentage of invited person have actually participated. It is a vital part of the survey statistics. Just because some "hobby" researcher is disappointed that the response rate was not 99,9% we should ban such an important figure from the dashboard.

2. I vote for having a "Country from which the response came from"
overview somewhere at the "misc. stuff" tab. There is no real additional
benefit if this data is just derived from browser information saved in
the background.
I agree here, country from which the response came from is a nice to have feature, but I don't consider it vital. So it shouldn't be main priority.
The option to switch between bar and pie charts is really important.
This is an often requested feature at the forum.
I think it is nice to have, but first we should have any of those features. I would first go for the bar charts, and pie charts could be added later.

3. Technical: Let's get the important data working first ;-)

4. Local time: Maybe this can be part of a general overview widget
showing the number of answers in the last 4/6/10/24 hours.

5. Question Breakdown: I like the clear design. Maybe one can display an
according horizontal bar graph right to the value?
The bar chart to the right was also my first thought. Because just the numbers is not as easy to grasp.  For the open-ended questions I would add the option to open a popup (or preverable a layer) with the responses.

6. Tag clouds: Might be a nice add-on but see 3.

Daniel, are you working on a comparison of possible chart libraries? If
so please send the link to the list and add some screenshots at the wiki
of the most common chart types for each one.

Greetings from Northern Germany,

Greetings from São Paulo,