Hi guys,

This week I have been working on the Loopmarker feature of Limesurvey 2. So far is what I have done.
Information: Loopmarker and Randomize Feature

- Builder page: UI for loopmarker as described in the Wiki. Its very basic, mostly reused the current Builder API and CSS. Currently it support drag and drop questions.
- Add loopmarker and its questions
- Delete Loopmarker and its questions

Things I'm working on:
- Present loopmarker in a survey. I have worked on it for quite some time but the run() feature requires a lot of time to understand and tackle . I'm trying to refactoring run() into smaller functions so we can reuse them later when I add new functions for loopmarker.

For Next Week:
- Complete the presentation of loopmarker. With this basis, we could add the randomize quite fast since those two are very similar in code structure.
- Submit and record Loopmarker and Randomize sections.
- Customize Loopmarker sections ( loop times , mandatory , ... ).