Hi everyone,

Sorry for the really delayed reply. Thanks for all the answers. It all definitely helped in terms of direction. I've decided not to deal with writing user roles for now because of time constraints. 

We've managed to get around the user role requirement by deploying an instance of limesurvey for each department. This is preferable in terms of scalability and resiliency anyway.

We're using LimeSurvey as an on-premise forms creation software for a client.
Although this is client work, they have agreed to allow us to share our customizations publicly.
The changes are in my github repo [1], in the formsgen branch.

All of the work is on the admin UI so far. I've tailored fit the UI (hiding/defaulting some options) to our client so it may look simplified compared with all the options available at the vanilla LimeSurvey. I've hijacked gringegreen in the process though.

Once I get to finish porting the heavily icon-based menus to bootstrap nav menus, I'll be working on improving the survey creation experience. I'm aiming for an experience as easy as Google Forms.

I just wanted to share this to the group just in case anyone is interested.

[1] http://github.com/rystraum/LimeSurvey/tree/formsgen

On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 10:59 PM, Denis Chenu <denis@shnoulle.net> wrote:
Hi Marcel,

Never have this need, but it's a good idea.
Have a copy of "/admin/surveypermission/sa/set/surveyid/XXXX" but with
"/admin/surveypermission/sa/set/surveyid/0" to set it for whole survey
can be a good starting point.

And for some answer at Rystraum Gamonez:
1) : i think it's a bad idea to only save at the end page only. But can
mimic this process with a "All in one survey" and a LOT of javascript/css.
2) : not now : but maybe some Plugin event can be cool here.
3) : Carsten answered
4) : Marcel answered, uses left is here for this.


Le 04/03/2014 15:09, Marcel Minke a écrit :
> Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Carsten.
> There is one user right related issue I often need to explain to our
> users: Why can't we set rights like "view statistics" or "export
> responses" or any other right currently only available on survey level
> as a global right when creating a new Limesurvey admin user?
> The survey based rights are far more detailed and quite often you want
> someone to be allowed to only view results but for all surveys on a
> certain installation. Currently one needs to assign such rights for
> every single survey.
> Are others having similar problems?
> Can we either solve this by moving such rights to the global level or
> having a different "survey permissions" screen which allows to not
> only set such rights for a single survey but for a list of surveys?
> For the later all we need is a list of surveys with a checkbox for
> each which can be shown above the screen to set specific rights.
> Comments/ideas?
> Best regards,
> Marcel

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