First off, here's where I am right now: I'm fairly familiar with the admin code (as I'm also working on porting the old limesurvey renderWrappedTemplate with Yii's built in renderer). I'm familiar with PHP but still learning about Yii. I've only touched controllers, and yii's rendering so far. I'm using LimeSurvey Version 2.05+.

Here are my questions.

1) How do you embed a survey in a site while preventing creation of a response every single time the survey is loaded? (as opposed to creating the response only after the survey has been submitted).

2) If I want to customise the admin users information (add more fields), is there a way to do that without touching the DB? Or is that the only way?

3) I'd like to implement a sort of department admin and survey administrators under a department admin. Survey administrators can only manage their own surveys. Surveys created by survey administrators are automatically tied to their department. The department admin can only manage surveys created under their department. I imagine this will be an addition of a department model, changes to the survey model and the admin user model. Is there a mechanism for such right now? Or do I have to write it myself for now?

4) Is it possible for one user to answer the same survey but it would be recorded as a different response every time? Which code paths would I need to modify to make this possible? This is really repurposing Limesurvey as a generic form generator for the non-technical.

Not sure if this is the proper venue to ask some of these questions and would appreciate proper guidance on where I should be asking these things.