Hi all, 

    I have been using Limesurvey 1.92x for a while, and I have found is a tremendous tool. I used it to design a few surveys and also for an online election, and it worked fantastic. However, there are a few things I was not able to do. I'm still not sure if because my lack of knowledge of the program or simply due to the limitations of Limesurvey. 

1. LimeSurvey isn't fully compatible with small devices, like tablets or smartphones. As far as I understand, this can be solved simply creating a template specifically designed to fit the small devices.

2. LimeSurvey is not designed to show statistics. Let me explain this with an example. When I was running the online election , I wanted to grant access to the results only to certain people, so I create the accounts, and then taught them how to select the statistics. For me, the ideal scenario is the one where you decide what statistics people will see when they login, then, they don't have to learn how to obtain the statistics. 

  As I'm still not using LS 2.x, I'm not sure if you include this in the last version. If not, I want to propose both topics as a future development aim. I'll be very happy working on this, but I will have to start from zero, because I have no idea about programming for LS. But there is time. 

 Hope to hear your opinions about this, tell me if you don't understand what I mean, specially in topic 2. 

Victor A. Pinto
Master in Physics Sciences
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Ph.D. Student
University of California Los Angeles