Hi All,

My name is Mubashshir Zakir, I am from Vancouver Canada. I have been working as a web developer in Market Research for almost 2 years now, did a computer science degree before that. PHP and MySQL are the what I work most with.

Most of my experience is with making custom reporting sites, basically importing data from a number of sources and creating everything a really simple one page results page to hierarchy / access roles to see results of various surveys. 

I have experience with CakePHP but not Yii, although I am more than willing to learn. I really want to work on an open source project and have found myself using lime survey a lot for surveys. I really like where this is headed especially with the use of a framework. 

I would love to help and contribute. I have downloaded GIT -- I have been using SVN mainly during and out of school -- and am ready to pick it up as it's very popular and I pull code from it all the time. 

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. 

Mubashshir Zakir