I'm writing this email to join the dev team.

So, who I am ?

      I'm 20 and I'm a French engineer student living near Paris. It's my second year in school and I will study embedded systems engineering during the next 3 years. I created my own company ( a very small general programming / design company) which help me to earn a few bucks each months.

     How I discovered LimeSurvey ? So, as extra-activities outside my school, I do programming. And one day, a client asked me a really custom and hard survey. It's when I discovered LimeSurvey. It really helped me and now I really enjoy LimeSurvey : So many features and use cases, I'm always impressed when I see all this awesome work.

     As side project, I builded/conceived a 3D printer, a quadricopter, a electronic drum, a workshop for the students, programmed a lot (Arduino, Android, Web, ..), ....

     I would like to join the team because:
Here are the main things that comes in mind. So I would like to mainly do coding but also support on forums (but when i will really know LimeSurvey).

I'm also thinking to participate to GSoC, but It's just an idea for now, maybe not in 2013, I don't know.

So, here it is, let me know what do you think of this.

- Damien

PS: Sorry for english, I'm not really good at it