Hi Mfaber,

Welcome to the team; the past weeks we've had a couple of chats or other communications and I think you'll be a great asset to the team.

Hope to see you today at the team meeting!


On Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 9:23 PM, M. Faber <m.faber@ymail.com> wrote:
Hello Team!

i am following the project for about a year now, I love it and thought it's
about time I say 'Hi' to you guys.

About me
I am an MD working as a scientist in a epidemiology/public health institute
and this is also where i am planning to use LS.
Programming as a day time job is 15 years ago for me when I was working for
a software company (mostly Shell/C/reports/SQL/little bit Perl). Through LS
I have taken up programming again, focusing on features that I think are
missing in LS and which are essential to my job. It's been a painful process
at first coming to this piece of software and having no experience
whatsoever with HTML, PHP, JS, JQuery, GIT, etc. etc.
I think I'm now slowly getting the hang of many things and I found it great
fun developing again, interacting with the team members I have had the
pleasure with and being able to support others using open source software.

Why I would like to work on the project
Well...most has already been said. Besides for work, for fun and for the
support of great open source: I hope that I do not have to wait so long
anymore before someone merges my pull requests >;p

Tell us in what area you would like to help (coding, patching, support etc.)
To be honest, because of my obligations at work I cannot make any promises
as to what time I can devote to the project. When I do find the time, I
would like to contribute by coding new features (I have my personal todo
list already ;) ) and by complementing the ones that are not yet working
great in all situations....and (for the future) I would like to work on how
to make the LS user interface quicker and more effecient for designing new
surveys. Well, one step after the other... :)

So, again, 'Hi!' and if you have questions, feel free to ask!

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