Hi Rystraum,

My name is Sam and I've been on the limesurvey team for about a year now.
For 2.1 we are planning on a remake of the admin interface; we can definitely use help on this!

There are some other people on the team that have expressed interest in doing some design / interface work so it might become a team effort!

Since 2.1 will be a very big change we are not limited to keeping any design from the admin interface we currently have. If you have good ideas please share them, (@others: I know at least 1 of the others on this list already did some sketching, I'm not sure who did that so respond to this email!).

We have weekly developer meetings on tuesdays at 1300 UTC; please ping one of us in the IRC channel to get the password to the developer channel!


On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 2:33 PM, Rystraum Gamonez <rystraum@gmail.com> wrote:

I'm fairly new to Limesurvey, but has been a web developer for about 5 years.
My experience with PHP is mostly with Wordpress / Codeigniter. I'm mostly into Ruby on Rails lately.

I can say that one of my stronger suites are HTML/CSS/Javascript, which is where 
I am interested in contributing to Limesurvey, particularly the administration views.

Is there any plans for the admin UI?
Has there been work on it so far?

Rystraum Fabe Gamonez

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