Hey guys,

Lately we've seen a slight decline in people attending the dev meetings. For me personally this has to do with the planned time which seems to be harder and harder to free up in my schedule.

When we discussed this last time we had some people attending meetings that were overseas and any other time made it hard for them to attend at all. I'm not sure if we still have those people attending (sry for not knowing the timezone everyone is in!), if so please let us know!

For a new time I'd like to suggest several options:

- During office hours at the start or the end of the day, personally I dont have any real preference for what day.
- Straight after dinner time (not sure if that is the same for everyone).

The advantages i see in planning the meeting at one of these times is that there is no need to keep a whole part of the day free (You can't really go anywhere after dinner if you have to be back at 22.00 for the dev meeting).

Please let us know your opinion and if you will be able to attend the meetings if we move it to of the stated times.