Hi Everyone!

The system looks good and I think it will help to increase the number of participations in the community. While for the hardcore translator it might not be the right option, it is easy for someone to translate or correct a few strings.

I saw that Brazilian Portuguese is missing quite a few strings (only 68% translated) and I would like one of my coworkers to do some translations. However, I would rather not want him to translate directly in the online interface, as I would like to revise the translation before.

I have generated an excel file from the .po file, because I in the PO file I won't be able to see which translations are his and which have been there already.

I guess there is no way to import the Excel-Export back to .po (at least I haven't seen anything).

One other thing: There are a few placeholders, like %s that probably not be translated. However, without knowing what the placeholders stand for, it might be difficult to translate correctly, because the phrase just doesn't make sense. This is especially problematic when someone who is not too familiar with LS translates.

Can I find a list somewhere, that explains what the placeholders stand for? Would be great for other translators as well, I think.

I think it makes sense to concentrate on the translation of the LS 2.0 strings, rather than 1.9x, right? People survived without those strings for quite a while already, so I'd rather focus on the new version that will (hopefully) come out soon.

Best regards,

On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 3:51 AM, Carsten Schmitz <carsten.schmitz@limesurvey.org> wrote:
Hi everyone!

Thanks to the tireless work of Gautam Gupta, one of our Google Code-In
participants, we now have a new website where people can translate online:


Using this website every registered user can translate for LimeSurvey.
After a registered user changed/updated a translation the related text
parts are marked as 'Waiting' because they need to be approved by a
supervisor translator.

Also currently supervisor translators are the only ones who can upload
.po files to mass-update translations.

This is where we need you:

We need translation supervisors for each language. There is not much
work involved. Just reliably check once weekly (preferable on Mondays)
if translations are waiting, then approve or deny. If you are interested
to become a supervisor translator for your language, please send me an
e-mail with your username and the language and I will then give you
according permissions.

I am looking forward to hear from you!

Best regards from Hamburg/Germany

Carsten Schmitz

LimeSurvey Project Leader


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