MITRE LimeSurvey team,

I just had a talk with Carsten over the phone.  I reiterated the two points about our work supporting an online survey tool:

  1. We are dedicating all of our resources to supporting a RoR survey tool and we’re currently developing that code “in house”.  There will be no more code contributions for the PHP Lime Survey 2 branch.
  2. We want to keep the open source Lime Survey community involved with our work.  We would like to call the Ruby on Rails survey project Lime Survey 3, and have it a public open source project hosted on the Lime Survey site.

This was the third time the RoR implementation was discussed with Carsten, so he completely understands that we are not going to change direction about the software implementation framework.

Carsten has agreed to vet “Lime Survey 3” supported by Ruby on Rails against the core members of the Lime Survey community.  After he touches base with everyone, he will communicate a “yes or no” decision about having Lime Survey 3 with Ruby on Rails.  

Carsten will communicate a Lime Survey 3 decision by next Thursday, since some of the people he needs to talk with are on vacation, and he feels that he needs to have a verbal discussion with them before making this decision.

We (the MITRE survey team) do not need an immediate decision on this.  We will continue to develop from the internal Git repository that Michael M. is setting up and work with the RoR code behind the firewall.  Also, we are going to track features and bugs on this code line internally for now.

If Lime Survey 3 is a go, we will start planning to migrate the internal-MITRE code to the external Lime Survey subversion repository.  

If Lime Survey 3 is a no-go, we will continue to develop code internally, and will plan a date that would be a good time to publish an open source “Survey Engine” externally.  

I didn’t talk about licensing with Carsten over the phone.  However, the current plan is:

  1. We will only talk about the Apache 2.0 vs. GPL 2.0 license after we have an answer on Lime Survey 3.  If Apache 2.0 is a deal breaker for the Lime Survey community, but they still want Lime Survey 3 on Rails... We will use GPL for Lime Survey 3.  
  2. If we branch and go with another project, “Survey Engine”, we will distribute under Apache 2.0

Hope this answers some items.  

Rob McCready