I am Pooja Narula, a second-year student majoring in Information Technology from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi, India. I am keenly interested in working with Limesurvey for GSOC 2011.

I was just playing with the system and found a potential bug. I created a sample survey, with questions: Q1, Q2, Q3a, Q3b. Q2 is a question with two options (say, a & b). If its answer is a, it goes to Q3a and then ends. If its answer is b, it goes to Q3b and then ends. The problem is if it goes to Q3b the button next to the "Previous" button is "Submit", but if it goes to Q3a, the button next to the "Previous" button is "Next" (which gives the user an impression that there are more questions to come, which is not true!; on pressing "Next" it is submitted and nothing can be reverted). So should I raise this as a bug?

Thanks for your time.

Pooja Narula