Hi LimeSurvey lovers,

After working on the Advanced File Uploader last week, I've been working on the admin panel screens this week. Thanks a lot for all the feedback on the Advanced File Uploader on the support forum.

This week I have added support for the following screens on the admin panel:
I have also implemented the Zipper and Downloader. Using this feature, the admin can select files on the browse screen and download them to his local computer.

The following commits give a quick view of the work completed this week:
On the basis of the feedback on the support forum, mailing list and discussion with my mentor Carsten, we have decided to make some modifications in the Advance uploader to enhance its usability and make the uploading experience much easier for the surveyee. The uploader now, will have 3 phases viz:
  1. PRE-UPLOAD: use ajax so that the file upload automatically *starts* once the file has been selected
  2. DURING-UPLOAD: as the file is *being* uploaded, the "Loading" animation plays
  3. POST-UPLOAD: once the file *has been* uploaded, the upload button for that file is replaced by the preview and title/comments field
Since the preview of the uploaded file will come up on the same tab as soon as the file has been uploaded, we can remove the gallery tab. So we can do away with the confusions associated with switching in between the *gallery* and *upload from computer* tabs.

This week, apart from implementing the modifications in the file uploader, I'll also be adding support in the statistics module for fuqt and editing some of the templates shipped with LS1 to align File uploader's styling with that of template's.

Have a nice week,