Hi Carsten, thank you for the detailed information.

I am working on a page for the randomisation feature and wanted to upload some graphics and screenshots for that. However, I ran into trouble because it seems that there were addons for tikiwik missing.

Is there currently a way to add images/graphics to a WIKI post?

Best regards,

On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 12:56 PM, Carsten Schmitz <carsten.schmitz.hh@googlemail.com> wrote:

With the new Wiki software we are now in a position to get the
LimeSurvey documentation up to date.
It took me several days to split the question type documentation to one
page for each question type.

By including only parts of the 'Advanced questions settings' page
(former 'Question attributes') in a question type page you can now edit
the description for a question setting there and the changes will
atomatically appear automatically on every detail question page.

However a couple things are still missing and I will need help for that:

- Document new question attributes. I already added all question
attributes - just the help texts need to be extended, maybe also with
specific regarding the question type (what to pay attention to, etc.)
- General description of question types: Every question types has a
section 'General description ' which should give a quick overview of the
question type describing any perks, problems etc. Currently most of
these descriptions are empty except for maybe a screenshot.

Also in general you should _now_ document your 1.91 features in the
Wiki. If you need me to help putting your page into the general
structure (so it will show in the table of contents) I will be happy to

We really need to make sure that the English documentation is up-2-date
before we start making huge efforts on translation, again (especially
regarding the question type documentation).

Best regards from Hamburg/Germany

Carsten Schmitz

LimeSurvey Project Leader


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