The Advanced File Uploader has been implemented and is fully functional, well almost fully functional ;-)

So, Now one can do the following using the advanced file uploader:

The following still needs to be done with regard to the Advanced File Uploader.
The uploader works, but looks a little ugly, as we are yet to work on the template. Also, there are a couple of form fields for debugging purposes and are going to stay there for a while during the development period. These will be set to hidden once the uploader becomes stable.

So, go ahead and give it a shot !
You can grab a copy of this dev version with File Upload Question Type at

Select 'File Upload Type' in the question type while creating a question. You will have to create the directory "limesurvey_dev/upload/tmp" and give write permissions. If you come across any bugs, please report them at bugs.limesurvey.org and assign them to 'texens'. 

The targets for the upcoming iteration (June 8 to June 15) are:

Implementation in

Looking forward to your feedback and comments,