Advanced File Uploader

The Advanced File Uploader saw quite some transformation and has been AJAXified for a smoother and a more friendly experience. Also, we merged the Gallery tab Upload From Computer tab to avoid any confusion. What this means that when you upload something, you'll see its preview right there in real time (not exactly real-time, it'll depend on your internet speed ;) ).
With this, the work on our fancy uploader is complete, and it is all set for testing on different Operating systems and browsers for compatibility etc. We'll further work on the formatting and layout of the modal dialog and its contents to make it even more beautiful during template editing (no functional changes or additions though).
I'm currently aligning the Simple Uploader and the Advanced Uploader so that both of them work without any trouble and the user can have the choice of choosing the one he wants to use.

In the coming week, I'll be working on the following areas of the project:
Now that some of the most important features such as uploading, browsing, data entry etc are completed, I'd encourage everyone to jump in and test the functionality. Please report any bugs that you come across so that we can thoroughly test the functionality.

Greetings from India,
Amit Shanker