Hi everyone!

I know that I am not a "real" limesurvey developer, but I am reading the emails to stay up to date.

Mazi is right, changing the template system would cause a lot of work in the forums. On the other hand, we shouldn't really stop Limesurvey from progress and improvements, just because a few custom templates might be messed up.

I don't know about the progress of LS2, but as there is little to no use around here, I assume it is still far from being released, so we need to work with LS 1.x for quite a while still.

So I am in favor for cleaning up the code and get rid of hardcoded layout files.

I actually find it a very good idea to separate LS CSS files a little. It wouldn't necessary be in two files, but at least within one file.

Because there are certain layout issues, that usually don't need to be changed for a custom template, but are necessary for the questions to display correctly. So maybe we should distinguish between those CSS parts, that are necessary for LS to work, and those that are there to give the different templates their layout.

In some of the current css files, those are all mixed up and it takes a while until you get through this, when you want to create a new template. We could have a part which we call "don't touch this if you are not 100% sure what you are doing".

Just me 2 cents,

On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 4:36 PM, Shnoulle <courriel@shnoulle.net> wrote:
Le 07/11/2010 18:36, Shnoulle a écrit :
> Le 07/11/2010 14:29, Tony Partner a écrit :
>> Hi guys,
>> 3) Regarding HTML validation: I am currently going through all
>> templates to remove inline styles and move them into the template.css
>> files (bug 3613 <http://bugs.limesurvey.org/view.php?id=3613>) and in
>> this process I am validating the HTML as much as possible.
>> I’m not sure we need a global CSS file. In my opinion, the whole
>> concept of the templating system is that they are all distinct. Adding
>> a global file may introduce a level of uniformity that goes against that.
>> Just my 1 cent J
>> T.
> It's not for uniformity,
> It's for easyness of add an new option/question-type in future release.
> For example, we add a new option like this one :
> http://bugs.limesurvey.org/view.php?id=4652
> This option need some css-default part, and can be add to a global css
> system. I think more of
> all START: Question styles ------------------------- part.
> I think it's good to offer a good base for question-styles, just a good
> base, not all option..
> After template can do all it want.
> For example:
> .tip.error {
> color: #f70;
> }
> .tip.success {
> color: #090;
> }
> .choice-5-pt-radio li,.list-radio-flexible li,.list-radio
> li,.list-with-comment li,.multiple-opt li,.multiple-opt-comments
> li,.multiple-short-txt li,.numeric-multi li,.yes-no li,.gender li
> {
> list-style-type: none;
> }
> etc ....
> And some :
> .hide {
> position: absolute;
> top: -9999px;
> left: -9999px;
> }
> for example.
> If i don't make error , wordpress have some default css , and template
> add some option. And i know for using it that spip does the same.
> And you know like me that css is cascading ;).
For this one, i had to put citronade template in dev part. I had some
modification to do, include separate pure template part and more
usability part.

Maybe i can do a test with this template: put a template.css and a

And when  Mazi say : "Biggest problem from ym point of view is that
users will have to adjust/change/edit their existing template after
update.". It's to have ability to add some base css part like :

We already have this 2 css part, why not put lime-progress.css in a
base-survey.css part ?

Denis Chenu

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