Can't resist to append a word :-)

Thibault Le Meur wrote:
> The other would be to adopt
> REST as the application model, as it implies a certain
> underlying architecture - though I'm not sure exactly how
> that would map to the PhpSurveyor plethora of 'verbs'. Maybe
> it'd be simpler to move to CakePHP, which can be set up to
> support both of these - as well as MVC for free.
I have no knowledge in this area, I let Machaven and Carsten reply: but
maybe you could make us a little summary of these technology so they can
answer which one best fit the project ?




IMO, the REST is probably too deep and, therefore, a kind of overkill.
MVC (of some kind) is a must.
CakePHP is quite popular, and *pure php*, so perhaps a good way to go.

> I'm at a bit of a crossroad and am not
> sure whether I should be spending time on the Rails port of
> PHPSurveyor or spend my time adding directly to the PHP
> version.
I definitly think the best approach is to spent time on the PHP version:
* because I think the current team agrees with what you have just written
(see the PHPSurveyor call to contributors)
* because maintaining this kind of code requires a consequent team
* because phpSurveyor quality requires a great team leader and Carsten's way
of managing the project is wonderful: I especially appreciate the release
policy and his way of welcoming and encouraging newcomers.

I agree that php version is better (maybe because I'm not quite familiar with Ruby :-).
The only thing I'd like to express is that most newcomers  will  expect  a clear structure/architecture, and OOP concept is probably the best for this.