I’m Enzo / Stryker. I have been developing with PHP for close to 3 years. I started off on my own with simple websites and slowly moved on with web apps.

I recently came back to South Africa from Spain with a job offer here in South Africa. I currently work for JD Group in South Africa (http://www.jdg.co.za).


I don’t have any examples that are available for show, as everything I did was on company intranets. The websites I started off with, have been removed as they were old J


Here at JD Group, I have been assigned the task of administrating, updating and improving LimeSurvey. We have found that there are a few things we would like to add to LimeSurvey,

and we decided that we should join the developers currently working on LimeSurvey 2.x as it is being re-written.


So my reason for wanting join the development team is to help implement new ideas. Which would be in the area of coding.


If there are any questions, feel free to ask.



Enzo / Stryker