Hi Sean,

it's always great to hear from experienced developers who offer a helping hand. Currently, there is a growing number of bugs at the Limesurvey bugtracker (http://bugs.limesurvey.org). Maybe you can help us with some simple ones?

Feel free to join the Limesurvey IRC any time if you need further assistance or have any questions.

Dr. Marcel Minke

Head Consultant at Limesurvey-Consulting.com
Owner of the Limesurvey Template Shop
Head of Support at Limesurvey

Feel free to add me at LinkedIn | Xing | Google+

Am 13.08.2013 17:20, schrieb Brad:
Sean Sinnott <ssinnott747@...> writes:

I was interested in helping code and patch lime survey. I've been an 
active and probably advanced user of
lime survey for the last three years, and I've heavily modified the CSS 
and templates to generate
customized surveys. Also I have interacted with the backed database quite 
a bit.
Professionally I do web application development (javaee but also some php 
an javascript). Additionally I
do a lot of database work. 

I'm interested in getting involved in this project primarily because I'm a 
longtime user and advocate of
the software!


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Hi Sean,

I'm looking for someone that can help us part-time with the creation of a 
custom LimeSurvey setup... We may need programming and UI help.

Please contact me if you think you can help.


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