Hi everyone,

By now I should hopefully have completed all the points in the team member process.
So I'm a Swede living in Hong kong since 10 years where I run a design studio with my partner.
I work mainly with webdesign,
UX, theming, and development on the drupal frame work as well as branding and marketing guidelines.

So why do I (we) want to join the team?

Well we just started to use limesurvey for a client, and so far we think the features are very robust and limesurvey pretty much has anything one could wish for.

However there is room for improvement on pretty much all levels of User experience, from navigation structure to graphical presentation.
Which is probably a reason why despite being open source and a very good system many potential users may turn to a more polished paid service.

And that is where I think our little studio could help out.
1. In terms of branding and visual guidelines we would be interested to create a solid brand identity and guidelines that will hopefully take the lime survey to a new level of professionalism.
2. Present a new administration and navigation structure as well as a more user friendly admin theme.
3. Create more attractive base themes for the survey templates.

Well I hope that is enough to start with.
Anyone who is interested to hear more or have any questions is most welcome to contact me.

Have a great day!