Hi Sean,

thanks for getting in touch with us. As nearly every Open Source software we only have some very limited human resources so every helping hand is needed. From my point as Head of Support at Limesurvey I think that you can give some very valuable help at our forums. Maybe you can connect to our IRC as well (http://www.limesurvey.org/en/community-services/live-chat) to help with others and get in touch with other team members there (my IRC nick is "Mazi").

Our manual also needs some polishing. Unfortunately, we were not picked at this years Google Code in contest, so all the work listed here http://docs.limesurvey.org/LimeSurvey+Project+Ideas+for+Google+Code-in+2012 will not be done by any students and the core team doesn't have sufficient resources (we do all this in our free time).

Maybe you can help with some of the documentation tasks (see http://docs.limesurvey.org/LimeSurvey+Project+Ideas+for+Google+Code-in+2012#Documentation_:_Change_the_screenshots_of_documentation_and_improve_it_to_depict_changed_icons_and_new_features and following)?

If you have any questions about that, don't hesitate to contact me.

I'm looking forward to our first virtual meeting.

Have a great day,
Marcel Minke
(Limesurvey Head of Support)

Am 19.11.2012 22:36, schrieb Sean C. Rife:
Hello, everyone! I am writing to express my interest in joining the LimeSurvey project team. A brief resume:


B.A., Psychology (North Georgia College and State University)
M.A., Psychology (East Tennessee State University)
M.A., Sociology (East Tennessee State University)
Ph.D., Social Psychology, minor emphasis in Quantitative Methods (ABD; Kent State University)


Project management for social science research, specializing in survey research and in-situ (experiential) data collection
Implementation of LAMP stack for research purposes and participant management (experience with php, MySQL)
Quantitative analysis, including regression, nonparametric techniques (bootstrapping, permutation), structural equation modeling, multilevel modeling
Data management and redundancy (I'm nuts/paranoid about data integrity)
From 2002 to 2009, sole proprietor of IT consulting business in the metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, USA area

A full vitae can be found at www.seanrife.com/RIFE_CV.pdf.

I'm interested primarily because I've found LimeSurvey to be an invaluable tool in my research, and would like to give back in whatever way I can. (I'm broke, so providing labor is probably the best I can do!) Also, I use LS extensively, and I'm sure I would benefit a great deal from becoming more familiar with the software itself.

I would be happy to provide assistance in whatever capacity you wish. I am comfortable with php and MySQL, so I can write code if that's how I can be of use. However - as shown above - my credentials may lean more toward feature development, testing, or support. I've built an add-on for participant management in daily diary studies which actually runs independently from LimeSurvey, but I've been thinking it might make a good feature/plugin (a number of colleagues have expressed interest).

Please let me know how I can help this project. Thanks!

 - Sean
Sean C. Rife, M.A.
Doctoral Candidate
Department of Psychology
Kent State University
Kent, OH  44242
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