Hello everyone!

After some thinking about it and a short talk with Thomas White I decided to  take the plunge and switch the line endings on master  to simple unix-style line feeds (LF). This will cause the next ComfortUpdate to be pretty big, but it should be okay.

Please make sure that you use the right endings as detailed out here:


(if you did not do this already yet).
This will prevent further confusion and should iron out any issues with whole files appearing to be changed even though only some lines were changed.

Best regards from Hamburg/Germany

Carsten Schmitz

LimeSurvey Project Leader


Am 01.03.2012 10:53, schrieb Denis Chenu:

I see only an auto CRLF to LF option:

quote: f core.autocrlf is set to false, no line-ending conversion is ever performed, so text files are checked in as-is.
( http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1967370/git-replacing-lf-with-crlf)

Then we can't force LT to CRLF or there are other option ?


Le 29/02/2012 19:19, Carsten Schmitz a écrit :

that's a very good question. I know it is possible to set it per repository (not only global) but that still sucks.
Under that view it might be better not to touch the setting until 2.0 becomes stable - then switch it.



Am 29.02.2012 19:03, schrieb Tony Partner:

Does that mean we need to change the setting every time we commit 1.91 vs 2.0?


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On second though we should not do it anymore for the 1.9x version but for 2.0 only and/or switch to CRLF in general.
Changing this in 1.91x will modify almost all files in the repository (afaik most are on CRLF) and  will render the ComfortUPdate useless because the update packages will be huge.



Am 29.02.2012 18:43, schrieb Tony Partner:

To see how it and other settings are set:


git config -l


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Usually Git *should* take care of it on commit. I remember when installing Git I was asked how to treat line endings (by default it is LF and we should commence to that setting).

Please everyone check/set their conversion setting right, here are some instructions how to set it:




Am 29.02.2012 17:50, schrieb Denis Chenu:


Think is the diff-tool, with RapidSVN, my difttool was diffuse, and it can be set to no-difference between CRLF and LF.

Now with git-gui, there are difference for CRLF and LF.

diff made no difference normally.

Le 29/02/2012 16:16, Tac Tacelosky a écrit :

It appears that the line ending on some files have recently changed to a more Windows-style (CRLF) compared to the more common LF-only line endings.


For example, config-defaults.php now has CRLF line endings, so when we're trying to look at what's been changed, it's showing a difference in every line.


I imagine this, like tabs, is editor-specific.  Is there a way to get all the files to be more unix-friendly and make them consistently have only LF line endings?


Not sure if this is related to moving from svn to git.





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