Hi Marcel,

It was decided during the devel meeting that user documentation will be completed after development is over.
Thomas is a genius software designer but with limitted time, It is better for everyone to let him focus on the remaining tricky development issues and on passing knowledge on how to maintain and expand EM to other developpers. Once other contributors know how EM works, they will be able to write documentation, and Thomas will be able to share the devel load. Then we'll have more time and manpower to write the user documentation.


Le 22/09/2011 11:21, Marcel Minke (Limesurvey) a écrit :
Hi Tom,

thanks for documenting your great feature so well, that really helps.

At the forum I have seen several posts like "With the new Expression Manager you can solve your problem this way or that way.". Regarding your question for which additional information we might need I would like to ask for a documentation section with some use cases. There are several issues at which EM can be used in the future so having a small use case, just a simple step-by-step explanation how to set it up for each case, will help a lot to understand the various situations at which EM could be used.