Hi Tom,

thanks for documenting your great feature so well, that really helps.

At the forum I have seen several posts like "With the new Expression Manager you can solve your problem this way or that way.". Regarding your question for which additional information we might need I would like to ask for a documentation section with some use cases. There are several issues at which EM can be used in the future so having a small use case, just a simple step-by-step explanation how to set it up for each case, will help a lot to understand the various situations at which EM could be used.

Some possible use cases from memory:

1. Calculate assessment values at runtime and store the results at the survey data

2. Replace conditions (we might need 2-3 use cases for different conditions of different complexity)

3. Replace text strings based on certain values like "Dear {Mr}/{Mrs} Smith..."

4. Show a summary of the user's answers at the end of the survey


For a first and general understanding of EM I consider this quite useful and a good first start to play around with it. Once this is done we could spread the word on limesurvey.org (like for the CPDB feature: http://www.limesurvey.org/en/component/content/article/1-general-news/226-new-qcentral-participants-databaseq-feature-is-ready-for-testing) and at the forum.

The combination of use cases and some testing instructions might help to get more users on board. What do others think?

Best regards,

Am 22.09.2011 01:29, schrieb Thomas White, MD, MS, MA:
Carsten, Thibault and others-

As discussed in yesterday's developer meeting, the core documentation for EM is now complete here:  http://docs.limesurvey.org/Expression+Manager+for+Developers
You should also read http://docs.limesurvey.org/Expression+Manager for additional details and nuances.

Please let me know if there are other categories of information you'd like me to add.

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